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FIFO Accumulation Table

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When product accumulation is required in the first in first out format our FIFO Accumulation Table provides the perfect solution. The FIFO Accumulation Table allows product to transfer from the production line on to the FIFO Accumulation Table and is guided in single fixed guided lanes. The guide lanes are manufactured to suite the size of the product to be accumulated in FIFO format. With the fixed machined guided rails the product cannot pass out each other in transit and our objective of FIFO is achieved.

If the production equipment stops down stream the FIFO Accumulation Table will start to load. When the down stream production starts up again the FIFO Accumulation Table will start to unload the product back on to the production line. A table full sensor is fitted to the FIFO Accumulation Table. This sensor communicates with upstream production equipment and will give them a signal to stop when the FIFO Accumulation Table is full.

Our FIFO Accumulation Tables tables are custom built to suite product size, quantities to be accumulated in FIFO format and the space available on factory floor.

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