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Aluminium Plastic Chain Conveyors

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The standard aluminium conveyors we manufacture are based on an aluminium conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain.

Plastic chain conveyor systems

The conveyor systems are based on a flexible plastic chain conveyor that gives a straight, horizontal and vertical running capability. Tight horizontal bends allow routing close to machines, saving floor space. Tight vertical conveyor wheel bends also save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators. The conveyors can be manufactured in single, dual, or triple lane depending on what the application is and transfer between each lane is easily achieved because of the smooth conveyor surface. The aluminium conveyor system is modular and can be easily modified reused and extended to suite the customers requirements.

Key components to the aluminium conveyor system are

  • Flexible plastic conveyor chain that comes in sizes from 45mm up to 1200mm.
  • Modular conveyor beam that can be cut to length to suite a particular application.
  • 30 degree horizontal conveyor wheel bends.
  • 45 degree horizontal conveyor wheel bends.
  • 90 degree horizontal conveyor wheel bends.
  • 180 degree horizontal conveyor wheel bends.
  • 15 degree vertical conveyor bends.
  • 30 degree vertical conveyor bends.
  • 45 degree vertical conveyor bends.
  • 60 degree vertical conveyor bends.
  • 90 degree vertical conveyor bends
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